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The MT is Walker's most advanced tractor series. Developed in the early 90's with the advent of more powerful twin-cylinder engines, the MT has become the mainstay of many commercial operations. Three engine choices make the versatile, powerful MT an excellent centerpiece on any landscaper's trailer. A 23-hp air-cooled engine (T23) is the primary offering of the T-series. The 25-hp air-cooled, EFI engine (T25i) equipped with Kohler's DELPHI system is the most popular engine choice of the series, as it offers a 30% fuel savings versus similar carbureted engines. Rounding out the engine packages of the T-series is the T30i; a liquid-cooled, EFI engine with the fuel savings of an EFI engine and the longevity of liquid cooling. T-series tractors use Walker decks, implements and attachments to work all year long for homeowners, commercial mowers and a variety of other customers.

Available Decks: 36" (91cm) Collection, 36" (91cm) Reverse Collection, 42" (107cm) Collection, 48" (122cm) Collection, 48" (122cm) Reverse Collection, 52" (132cm) Reverse Collection, 36" (91cm) Side Discharge, 42" (107cm) Side Discharge, 42" (107cm) Belt Drive Side Discharge, 48" (122cm) Side Discharge, 52" (132cm) Side Discharge, 56" (142cm) Side Discharge, 62" (157cm) Side Discharge, 74" (188cm) Side Discharge, 36" (91cm) Mulching, 42" (107cm) Mulching, 42" (107cm) Mulching, 48" (122cm) Mulching, 52" (132cm) Mulching Kit (Mulching Kits require and mount to an existing side discharge deck.)

  • 10.0 bushel (12.4 cu. ft.) catcher
  • 10.5" (27 cm) grass handling blower
  • 23-HP, Kohler OHV V-Twin engine, air-cooled
  • 4.7 gallon (17.8 liter) fuel tank
  • 7 mph (11.3 kph) ground speed
  • Available in Side Discharge (SD) model
  • Remote air intake for engine
  • Shock-mounted instrument panel
  • Splined PTO drive shaft with quick-disconnect coupler
  • Tilt-open style body and chassis
  • Cooling System: Air
  • Displacement: 674 cc (41.1 cu in)
  • Engine: Kohler Command Pro CH680
  • Fuel Capacity: 4.7 gal (17.8 liter)
  • Fuel: Gas (87 oct)
  • Lubrication: Full Pressure w/ Filter
  • Maximum Power: 22.5 hp @ 3600 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 37.9 ft lbs
  • Dimensions (HxWxL): Tractor w/typical 48" deck: 49H x 49W x 91L
  • Weight: Tractor: 786 lbs ; Tractor w/typical 48" deck: 984 lbs
General Information
  • Fuel Consumption: (per hour) 1.35 gal (5.11 liter)



Engine Type
Kohler Command Pro CH680
674 cc (41.1 cu in)


Fuel Capacity
4.7 gal (17.8 liter)


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