Toro Reelmaster® 5510-G (03689)

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Reelmaster® 5510-G (03689)



The Reelmaster® 5510-G is designed to deliver the performance you've come to expect from Toro. The 5510-G is powered by a 49 hp (36.5 kw), 4-cylinder Kubota® gasonline engine and has plenty of power to complete any task. Lightweight design reduces soil compaction, turf stress and abrasion damage. All controls and indicators are conveniently located in the InfoCenter on the armrest. Available in standard 2 wheel drive or add on the CrossTrax® all-wheel drive system.

  • 49 hp (36.5 kw), 4-Cylinder Kubota® Gasoline Engine
  • DPA Cutting Units with groomer and roller brush accessories
  • Impressive quality of cut and exceptional after cut appearance
  • Improved operator comfort
  • Kubota Gasoline Engine: Highly reliable Kubota Gasoline engines provide compact power for heavy mowing without excess weight. With 49 hp (36.5 kw), the Reelmaster has enough power to tackle challenging conditions and the durability to do it season after season.
  • Fairway Perfection Brush: The Fairway Perfection Brush can be installed instead of groomer blades and is powered by the existing groomer drive. This brush improves quality-of-cut by lifting grass blades and ensuring all are evenly cut. Other benefits include: grain reduction, clipping dispersion, and dew removal. The Fairway Perfection Brush can be used in a variety of conditions by varying turf engagement.
  • Dual Precision Adjustment (DPA) Cutting Units: Precision machined cutting units maintain levelness and hold adjustments. DPA allows quick bedknife to reel adjustment. Harder reel and bedknife steel retain a sharp edge up to 3 times longer to minimize the need and frequency of adjustments, backlapping and grinding leading to healthier turf that stays green.
  • Lighter Weight Design: Optimized design and use of lightweight materials means less weight and turf compaction without sacrificing performance and functionality.
  • Improved Operator Comfort: All of the indicators and controls to operate the unit are conveniently located on the right armrest. Control console pivots back for right hand entry and exit. Tilt steering, deluxe suspension seat, improved visibility and lower operating noise enhance the operator experience and help to reduce fatigue.
  • Simplified Maintenance: Improved access to routine service points and service components, along with a robust machine design, results in less frequent maintenance intervals and less time is required to perform maintenance tasks.
  • Accessories: Many optional accessories for the tractor and the cutting units are available to provide improvements in performance, productivity and aftercut appearance.
  • Engine: 49 hp (36.5 kw), 4-Cylinder Kubota® Gasoline Engine
  • Fuel Capacity: 12 gal. (45.4 L) gasoline
  • Mowing Speed: 0 - 8 mph (0 - 12.9 kph)
  • Weight: 2,938 lb. (1,332 kg) 2WD; 3,048 lb. (1,382 kg) 4WD
  • Warranty: 2 year limited warranty
  • Verti-Cutting Reels: Used to minimize, remove and control thatch to prevent scalping and disease. Cut the rhizomes and stolons to enable regenerative grass growth. Extended wear carbide tipped blades are standard.
  • Powered Rear Roller Brush: The optional real roller brushes promote consistent grass dispersal to help your turf look immaculate. Multiple points of contact and faster rotation provide improved clipping dispersion in wet, sticky conditions.
  • Groomer with Optional Broomer™: Groomers provide improved quality of cut by lifting turf and reducing grain. Also helps knock off dew, disperse grass clippings and integrate clippings into the grass canopy. Optional Broomer provides full width Brooming effect to enhance grooming results. Groomer offers Quick Set™ design which does not require tools to lower or raise blades.
  • CrossTrax® All-Wheel Drive Kit: Based off our patented series/parallel 3-wheel drive kit, the CrossTrax® system automatically transfers power from the front tires to the opposite rear tires to minimize spinouts and maximize traction on wet terrain. ROPS and seatbelt included.
  • Grass Basket Kit: Collect the clippings with the optional grass basket.
  • Cutting Unit Rollers, Scrapers, Bedknives: Toro offers a wide variety of accessories to customize the cutting units to suit your needs and work the best in your conditions.
  • Air-ride Seat Suspension System: Convert the standard seat suspension to air-ride for rough applications to provide more comfortable ride for operators logging long hours in the seat.
  • Universal Mount Sunshade: This hard shell canopy protects the operator from the sun and rain. Mounts to the ROPS.



Engine Manufacturer
Horse Power
49 hp (36.5 kW)
Engine Type
4-Cylinder, Gasoline


Fuel Capacity
12 gal. (45.4 L)


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