Toro Snowthrowers

Lady using Toro Snowthrower

Toro Snow Throwers

Toro Equipment offers up quality power equipment that’s perfectly suited for getting all manner of jobs done, including managing bothersome snowfall. Toro snow throwers makes dealing with the winter weather easy as anything. Toro combines their innovative technology with advanced designs and durable components to create a line of snow throwers that lets you handle snow like a pro. Visit Wild Aces Rentals in Pueblo West, Colorado to check out our full stock of Toro Equipment and snow throwers available for rent.


Toro electric snowblowers give you all the snow blowing power you need without the hassle or noise of other types of power sources. Don’t worry about losing any power without gas or diesel, as these blowers still bring plenty of oomph to your snow management work. They’re easy to use with clear controls, lightweight design, and a quick chute lever so you don’t need to bother cranking it out yourself. Additional power curve technology efficiently removes snow with less chance to clog.


Toro single-stage snow throwers give owners a slew of features to help with their snow management needs, like quick chute control system for changing throwing direction on the fly, a zip deflector that allows throwing snow at any height, and a powerful engine that delivers premium performance.


Toro two-stage throwers give owners absolute control of their winter domains, with the innovative Quick Stick chute control and a joystick for altering chute direction and angle without a fuss. You’ll also get an anti-clogging system that’s smart enough to reroute excess snow away from the chute, and the component materials are all tested to operate at sub-zero temperatures so you can throw snow no matter the cold.


Get total snow control with the SnowMaster® from Toro Equipment. This next-level snow thrower offers easy controls and optimal maneuverability to accomplish the smoothest snow-throwing experience you’ve ever had. Enhanced throw distance, tall chute, and the Personal Pace self-propel system that adapts to your speed are just some of the amazing features you can expect from the SnowMaster®!

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